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New laptop


I got a new laptop today. It’s all shiny and nice and stuff. And thus, I’m going to make an introduction  video!


…Because I’m still figuring out how to use my computer and all that stuff.

Well, It’s a Dell XPS laptop. 

It looks like this:

Except mine doesn’t have all the nifty dramatic lighting. But it IS the same color :)

EDIT: Wow i had a lot of typos…This new keyboard is going to take a bit to get used to


Comments on: "New laptop" (7)

  1. Awww!! SO lucky!!! Very envious right now because I’m not getting my laptop until the middle of February!! It’s so nice looking!

  2. Our family share the exact same laptop, only it’s in black. :p

  3. Omg, you bought the really big, expensive, heavy, battery draining one!
    it looks kool though
    we can compair laptops in japan. =P

  4. Mine’s big? The dell studio laptop was huge! I was originally gunna get one but when I got to the store I looked at them and they seemed too large for my liking.

    I got the smaller 13inch (33 cm) one, though. Not the bigger one :) And it’s really light

  5. oh good, cause when i went out to go see the studio 15, i saw that one and it was HUGE!
    Does it still have 4GB?

  6. Hahaa… Dell is quite popular these days…
    I also wanna get a Dell laptop.. (to take it to Japan and pimp it up 8D )
    I might get myself a purple one..
    or lime-green.
    Looking forward to Japan.. so we can all compare our laps there!! xD

  7. Yes. We can all compare our laps lol

    Red wasnt my original choice as color, but when i went to the store i realized i actually really liked it

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