My life, stories and shenanigans from Japan


Howdy (No I’m not from Texas)

My name is Colin. Today, as a little “New Years” Present to all, I activated my blog under “”.  Pretty Nifty.  And with that, I formally declare this blog active.

Unfortunately, I do not yet have a laptop. I’m going to order one by the end of this week. And thus, in the meantime, I’ll have to stick to text/pictures. When I get the laptop I’ll begin work on actual videos and nifty things like that, such as an introduction video on myself.

But then again, I’m not even in Japan yet. So you aren’t really missing much. Just my random pre-departure thoughts. (Because the world just really needs to know them)

Oh and a note about my mascot: He’s just a little doodle I made a while back that i got a hugely positive response on. And thus, he’s my mascot who I’ll hopefully incorporate into all sorts of random web shenanigans.

My first doodle of him

My first doodle of him. Back when I had a diffirent website theme I had a higher resolution version of this as my website header, but I switched to a cleaner design instead.

This blog post is so lacking in content I feel bad even posting it.


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